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CeramiCoat® Kingston 
offers only the highest quality, certified installer ceramic coatings.

Utilizing nanotechnology, ceramic coatings build a permanent bond to your vehicles clearcoat. This clear layer is naked to the eye, but don’t let that fool you. This clear layer will not wash away from cleaning or rain, nor will it break down fast like traditional waxes or sealants. In fact they last years!

Water instantly repels away encapsulating dirt, making your vehicle easier to clean. This hydrophobic effect is known as the self cleaning effect. The hydrophobic of ceramic coatings is the first benefit that draws attention to the end user. While the self cleaning benefit nice, there even better benefits of a Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Coatings prevent oxidation, aide in bird droppings, and make your vehicle’s surface less prone to scratching. The harden structure left behind from a ceramic coating is 2 to 3 times harder than clear coat.
So why Ceramic Coatings? SB³ Ceramic Coatings is the best protection for car. SB3 Coatings brings innovation and science to provide you with modern technology.

SB³ Ceramic Coating Packages


As with all of our professionally installed coatings, Solo is very popular amongst our Surface Specialists.

Solo Delivers amazing gloss and incredible water beading. It can be used on Paint, Glass, and wheels. Virtually any surface on the exterior of a vehicle. Its a stand-alone, one-year coating, yet works well as a topper for any of our coatings.

Solo is a great entry-level addition for protection for up to 1 year.


SB³ Omega is known for its extremely high gloss and water beading. This single layer application makes your ease of maintenance simple. The hydrophobics of this coating really create a lotus effect. It has been said this coating leaves a jolly rancher appearance to the vehicle’s paint leaving a super deep and glossy layer.

SB³ Omega is 1 of the original 3 coatings offered by SB³.
Omega is backed by our 3rd party warranty and is also covered by carfax.

Omega is a perfect mid range option offering up to 2 years of protection.


SB³ Alpha is our most popular coating with thousands of cars coated each year with it. Alpha was 1 of 3 original coatings in the SB³ range of coatings.

Alpha is a single layer application. This layer offers durable protection while leaving a great layer of gloss and slickness. Alpha is a great coating for daily drivers or someone looking for more long term protection. It allows for nice ease of maintenance and great protection.

Omega is backed by our 3rd party warranty and is also covered by carfax.

Alpha is a perfect mid-high range option offering up to 5 years of protection

** Packages and pricing listed below EXCEPT BI-ANNUAL packages include a 1 stage paint correction
**Any additional paint correction will increase from these prices**
.** Starting price ranges are based on compact vehicle prices. **

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