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What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are thin, durable, protective layers that are applied to a variety of surfaces on both the exterior and interior of both automotive and marine applications. There are a wide range of specific ceramics developed for multiple surface types such as wheels/calipers, textiles/fabrics, plastics/vinyl’s, glass, tires and more.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of A Ceramic Coating?

CeramiCoat uses professional CERTIFIED INSTALLER ceramics consisting of the most advanced nano-ceramic formulas available on today’s current market.

Ceramic coatings are extremely hydrophobic (scared of water) which creates a “self cleaning” effect as water beads carrying dirt to the ground.

This quality also makes drying times extremely quick after cleaning.

Each of our ceramic coatings will leave an extremely glossy, wet look appearance that never loses its shine!

Unlike regular wax or sealants, ceramic coatings are semi permanent and do not wash off!

Ceramic coatings offer added protection from  the sun’s damaging UV rays.
Over time exposure to the sun will cause your paint to fade and appear dull.
Maintain the original colour forever, and protect your paint!

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