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What Makes Us Better?

CeramiCoat Kingston is not your average Kingston automotive ceramic coating shop. We have looked at the competition and have put the best products and systems in place to earn your trust and your business.
We do it better than the other guys!
Swirls and scratches are removed by buffing away a bit of the top layer of clear coat where the swirls exist. We digitally measure and monitor the depth of your vehicle’s clear coat as we buff to ensure that we remove only what is required to achieve results. There is only so much clear coat on a vehicle and you need to preserve as much as possible to protect the paint. Once it is gone, you need to repaint, or the colour coat will oxidize.

We tape off all exposed rubber and vulnerable plastics to prevent abrasion and staining them with polish or compounding pastes…you know… the stuff that turns white on your weather stripping after waxing.
Taping takes time, but we do it!

We tape off sharp painted edges and curves to prevent accidentally burning through your clear coat, or burning the paint on older cars that do not have a clear coat.
This is a two-stage taping process that allows us to thoroughly polish right up to both sides of the edge. Most shops simply polish a lot less in these areas to prevent burn-through or paint damage. No shortcuts here. It takes time to 2-stage tape, but we do it!
We use only the best brands of high quality ceramic coatings on the market.
CERAMIC PRO® is one of the options we offer to those who want only the best. CeramiCoat Kingston uses only globally branded products that you can research on the net. Yes, they can be more difficult to apply, but it’s worth it to get the shine & protection your vehicle deserves. We do not substitute or use sealants. We do not use privately branded products to hide what we are actually using!

We use a BendPak® MD-6XP scissor jack to get your vehicle up off the floor so that we can properly prepare, coat and buff your lower panels including rocker panels….areas that are often poorly done. You can’t get on your knees on the floor and properly prepare, coat and buff rocker panels!

We will polish a test section of your vehicle to ensure that we are using the correct buffing pads, correct polishes, correct compounding chemicals and correct lighting to achieve the best possible result for the paint correction package you requested. Using “the same old” for every car and every correction just doesn’t work!

We have a “white bay” shop dedicated to paint correction and coatings. It’s clean and dust controlled. CeramiCoat Kingston isn’t a corner in a clean up shop or in a mechanic’s garage! 

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