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Preparation Packages

Paint correction services available at CeramiCoat

There are 100’s of factors that diminish the shine of your vehicle such as;


  • Swirls and marks are created when wiping across the clear coat during dry wipes or even when polishing with a detail spray.
  • Certain soft microfiber towels and even using a duster can create micro-scratches. 
  • Waxing and polishing itself can and will create swirls, especially if you use a dirty cloth!
  • Other imperfections will have come from the body shop when your new paint job was applied.
  • Bird droppings, road dust, tree sap…the list goes on.


All these add up over time to damage the finish and lower the shine of your pride and joy.


Good News! Most of these imperfections are removable. CeramiCoat® Kingston, your source for Automotive Ceramic Coating in Kingston, offers several paint reconditioning packages to suit your needs.


You may only want to brighten your ride with a good paint reconditioning package, and that is fine. But paint reconditioning is a requirement to prepare paint for application of any good ceramic coating, so once prepared, why not have Ceramic applied?


There are a lot of things that will prevent you from getting the best ceramic adhesion and best shine on your paint…contaminants, water-based iron deposits from car washes, surface oxidation, surface scratches and swirls.


As part of the pre-prep examination, we will use certain light intensities to show you the swirls and contaminants you didn’t even know where there, even on a brand new vehicle! Tiny swirls that reduce luster and shine!


Paint restoration and protection is expensive so we offer prep packages to fit all budgets! 

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