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CeramiCoat® Kingston 
offers only the highest quality, certified installer ceramic coatings.

CERAMIC PRO® is a global leader in coatings based on nano-technology. They offer a range of products each formulated for specific surfaces and we have found that CERAMIC PRO® provides an enhanced option, especially for enthusiasts who want a Lifetime Warranty.

CERAMIC PRO® coatings have been proven over years by over 100,000 vehicles coated monthly around the world, in over 70 countries. You know you are getting the real deal with this product, not an unknown proprietary coating as sold by some installers.

CERAMIC PRO® coatings are much more difficult to apply properly because they flash (harden) so fast, in as little as 15 seconds. It also takes extra effort to buff and level properly, so it takes longer as a result. Quite frankly, other shops tend to avoid it because of those difficulties, CeramiCoat® Kingston is trained as a Certified Installer by CERAMIC PRO® and doesn’t mind taking the extra time or putting in the extra effort for customers looking for one of the hardest, long-lasting ceramics on the market.

CERAMIC PRO® has coatings that last anywhere from 6 months to a lifetime, AND they register your coating with CARFAX® at the time of your warranty registration.
This provides evidence to a new owner or dealership that the coating has been applied and is warrantied anywhere in the country by any certified CERAMIC PRO® installer.

To read about how Ceramic Coatings work and what to look for when choosing a Ceramic Coating installer, go to our What Is Ceramic Coatings? page.

CeramicPro Coatings need a minimum of 12 hours to completely cure/set!
They should not get wet during that time and remain in a clean protected climate controlled  environment to maximize the coatings efficiency.

Please, do not wash the vehicle in the initial 14 days. After 14 days the coating is fully cured and regular washes can commence.

CeramiCoat® Kingston is a Certified CERAMIC PRO® professional installer.
Call or contact us for a quote and assessment of your vehicle to see which coating is best to meet your needs.

To check out the CERAMIC PRO® website, click here.  

CeramicPro Packages

** Packages and pricing listed below are for CeramicPro COATINGS ONLY ** and MUST be paired with either a paint correction OR a decontamination package.
** Price ranges are based on compact to full size vehicle prices. **

* Lifetime warranty requires an annual maintenance package and re application of top coat. Pricing will vary for annual maintenance depending on condition.

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